What should I eat after my kidney transplant?

One book for people like me!

What should I eat after my kidney transplant?

You know me! I’m Journalist, I have have been dealing with diabetes type 1 since I was fourteen (14) years old…, and fifteen (15) years later when I was 30, after a high-risk pregnancy, and when my son was only three (3) years old, I developed kidney disease which lead to dialysis to continue living! I was very scared, fearful, sad all the time. I was hopeless, with my wonderful baby, but always thinking dialysis was keeping me alive,  and I never gave up… The coming years were filled with much adversity, but in 2007 I received my kidney transplant.

Facing life and learning to be optimistic

After so many adversities in my life living with diabetes and dialysis treatment, I got a transplant in 2007. I always feel thankful with God for giving me another opportunity to live and allow me to enjoy, to share my love with my family and friends, and serve the society at large.

Then, soon after my transplant, I set out to write a book that would guide me and others dealing with a kidney transplant. A book on proper nutrition that would contribute to improving the health of everyone, and mainly of people with kidney transplant…!

So that was what I did, first I wrote my book titled «What should I eat after my kidney transplant» in Spanish in 2014, and recently in August 2019 I published the same book in English as a mean to reach the Anglo population interested and /or needing this kind of information.

«What I should eat after my kidney transplant» was written in gratitude for my new life condition and the gift of having had the «second» opportunity to live.

Besides the book is an answer to the alimentary and nutritional needs of all kind of people with transplants or without it. With more than 40 simple and delicious recipes that allow people to enjoy, to know and to have an active role in the care of their health.

The book addresses the importance of nutrition in the care of the transplanted kidney. I think is also important for the nephrologists and the nurses, nutritionists and everyone interested in good eating habits.

Also, it answers questions on how to combine food in order to avoid high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugars.

There is nothing more satisfying than filling a void that feel about how to eat after a kidney transplant and I think this book is indeed a great help in the process of recovery and life change, which represents a kidney transplant.

The book in both languages are available in Amazon and certainly for me, they constitute my two big dreams come true. This is the link to get it right now! if you want!


I want to express a big thanks of acknowledgement to my husband Julio Martinez, Natalia Zapata who was its designer, the best!!. To my cousin Maria Andreína Arévalo who was the translator, my family and those friends that helped me and offered their support of this project, that has become a beautiful reality!!

I am really grateful 💞

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