Eating well reduces stress

David Getoff reveals another way of looking at nutrition

  • If you want to prevent any illness lead a healthy life.
  • «There is no treatment or drug which can overcome or negate the effects of a poor diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle.» David Getoff.
  • In nutrition and in all aspects of our lives the goal should be not to treat the symptoms, but to observe our lives and address the root of the problem.

On my trip to San Diego I’ve already said that I met and had the opportunity to interview people who really enriched my life. One such person is the subject of this post, David Getoff.

I decided to wait and post this article now, starting in 2014, because I would like that what David Getoff said here, be part of the goals you have for this year: a new lifestyle that will change you inside and out.

David Getoff, is a «special» scientist. Among his strengths is the ability to understand and manage  everything that has to do with nutrition. He is a comprehensive-holistic scientist dedicated to nutrition. He is naturopath and botanical, nutritionist and especially is a person who inspires, speaks, projects and emanates health.

One thing I noticed in this interview: all we know about nutrition is wrong. We have to unlearn everything!

Passion in action

David Getoff is a professional committed to providing support to lose weight permanently, prevent disease, look younger, feel energetic and have quality living without stress. Simply changing the types of food we eat and following a nutrition program, he says and shows that we will feel better.

david descalzo

To know him is an adventure. You see the passion turned into action. His appearance radiates spontaneity, energy, peace, and passion in what he does and what he says.

«I love and enjoy my work. Apart from eating healthy, for me it is essential to love what you do, be passionate, investigate, learn every day. Love is everywhere, and we should open up and take advantage of every gesture, every sunset, dawn, the breeze … And what better to accompany this but learning a good diet? Good nutrition and loving what you do, are crucial to overall well-being.»

Another way to eat

It has often been said that is better to eat vegetables: fruit, greens (raw better than cooked). Eat protein with some care because (even though they help form and contribute to better tissue cell growth) they are very toxic. And few carbohydrates. But is this really true? Actually Getoff promotes and eats a lot of animal type protein, but only from very healthy animals.

Let’s start with David Getoff to clear doubts


-Why is it better to eat raw vegetables that cooked?

-The raw retain vitamins and valuable and sensitive micronutrients that are damaged when heated or cooked food (boiled, grilled, baked). Most people eat all cooked, that’s a mistake we have to correct. Besides, eating raw food is healthy, easy and fast. So you have to remember that not all foods have to be cooked. There are healthy and tasty foods such as raw vegetables, raw seeds, nuts, raw milk and raw egg yolks. And also ensure that 50% of the food consumed been raw.

-With regard to meat (fish, chicken, beef) should also be eaten raw?

-Humans are the only species that cook their meats, all the others eat raw meat. The raw meat from freshly killed animals is the healthiest way to eat meat, since only then is it free of the pathogenic bacteria that attack it soon after it is killed and also contains live enzymes that help with digestion. Eating raw meat is common in some cultures and common lately is getting steak tartare, ceviche, carpaccio and sashimi. Raw meat should be of high quality, healthy animals (organic and pasture raised) unlike the meat with antibiotics and hormones that are added which are mostly sold in all supermarkets.

-Wow! eating meat raw is a radical way to change an eating habit…

-Well, just at first, you could eat meat slightly cooked in water (simmering or boiling) at a temperature not exceeding 212 °F (100 °C).

?????-And I guess the best thing is to eat at home. Unfortunately in public places we cannot be guaranteed where food comes from, hygiene and how it was cooked…

-Yes, it is about improving health, achieving wellness and reducing risk factors for future disease. To do this we have to spend time choosing and preparing food and also have an exercise plan.

-It may sound easy but it is a huge change in eating habits…

-Adopting good eating habits for just a week and half may result in improvement of the whole person. In the case of chronic diseases which are effect organs such as liver, kidneys, heart or pancreas, good results could be seen in about 6 months. Many bad chemicals are used to increase food production in agriculture, these ranges from arsenic, lead, and mercury, to pesticide and antibiotics. Increasing nutrients is not what they are trying to do.

Getoff makes comparison with the house cleaning. The body (house) which has been dirty for so many years where good cleaners have not been used (food) cannot be cleansed in a day, so to carry out a deep cleaning of that house (body) and to give proper maintenance service takes a long time of many months, or even years.

david casa-Until the house is fully repaired, clean, and has good services… These changes are slow but are they 100% effective?

-I have had patients with diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many other conditions and only by changing their eating habits and the quality of the food they eat, the symptoms improve or simply disappear. If they can afford it, nutritional supplements will help speed up the healing process.  A great deal of what our culture promotes is the treatment of symptoms, and it does not take into account their true causes. Therefore, conventional medicine, while effective for many acute health problems such as accidents and broken bones, has many limitations and in fact is rarely able to truly heal any chronic diseases.

-What is the diet you propose?

-I do not like using the word diet because it denotes temporary changing in eating habits, and what I propose is a permanent set of diet and lifestyle changes. Learn which foods are good, which are bad, make the changes, and in the end the important thing is to feel better and reduce risks for disease.

-With regard to fats, there are many myths that exist that you like to dispel. What kind of fat should be consumed?

-Most people believe that consuming margarine is healthier than butter. Well no, margarine is the result of a long chemical process. The healthiest thing is to eat unprocessed foods. Natural fats such as butter. Ghee (clarified butter that has been used for centuries in India). Margarine is highly detrimental. For vegetable oils, the healthiest ones are olive, coconut and palm as long as they ARE NOT hydrogenated! It is indeed a myth that corn, canola, soybean, or cottonseed oils are good for your health. But the oil should not be heated too much to maintain its properties.

-And what about cholesterol? Most in adults and recently children and adolescents, cholesterol levels are very high. The first thing the doctors say is to eliminate daily intake of cholesterol in coconut oil and in animal fats…

-Doctors and reporters tell us that cholesterol should not be greater than 200mg/dl but this is not what the best research has shown. Each person is an individual case. What may be good for me may not be for you. Each body reacts differently. Cholesterol is needed for nerves, for the brain and memory and to make most of our hormones. It is also produced to help protect us from many poisons.  Since we all have different levels of poisons in our bodies, and since we accumulate more as we get older, the body makes more cholesterol in order to keep us safe.  Do you want to STOP the firemen who are coming to protect your house?  I do not want to stop them.

Getoff continually says that cholesterol acts like firemen, it protects us, and it is not a poison. We need to keep it and not prevent it.  According to traditional medicine there are two types of cholesterol, one evil and one good. It sounds contradictory right?  Actually, Getoff says that we would be dead if we did not have both HDL and LDL cholesterols and so how can we call something bad, if we would die without it? So everyone is different. If you have the level 350 it is because your body needs that level. Of course, all this can be concluded to make a full assessment of the person and after performing for a time (7 days) the nutrition plan you need.  In order to determine what level of cholesterol their body needs when the diet is healthy, Getoff does a 6 week period for eliminating starches, sugars and alcohols completely and then re-tests the cholesterol.  Since the foods that were removed (although none contain any cholesterol) often cause inflammation and therefore more firemen (cholesterol) gets produced as a protection, often the number already reduce a lot in 6 weeks.

Referring to the care that must be taken not to increase the rates of bad fat said: «Consumption of omega-3 supplements protects the body fats and aids in blood flow.  As to the vitamin E, the best is the one made ​​with higher percentage of gamma than alpha, and also has beta and delta versions of tocopherols.  The vitamin E protects all the fats by reducing oxidation.  Getoff does not recommend any Statin drugs and he has seen many detrimental and sometimes fatal side effects and dementia caused by them.

-What do you think about the vegetarian’s plans?

-I don’t agree or support vegetarian diets because the meats are necessary and combined with vegetables is a perfect menu rich in nutrients. And as I said before, the animal fats are important too. We really don’t require any carbohydrates as there aren’t any essential carbohydrates in nutritional biochemistry, but I am not against non-starch based vegetables.

-In your plan you propose to eat organic food, grown under the best conditions, without any chemical treatment. In Latin America it is practically impossible to find this kind of food… Is it difficult to get healthy food, green and organic in the U.S.? What do you think about the costs?

-Yes, unfortunately what I call vital foods are more expensive than common quality foods. It is a reality not only here in America but worldwide. Now I’d rather pay a little more for eating well than to pay later to «cure» a disease I caused. The call is to eat as healthy as possible. Sugars and refined flours, you have to remove these completely, and white rice is just as bad.


-What can people with low incomes do?

-The main thing is to stop «bad eating» people need to be educated about the foods that are good and those that are really bad. Sugar consumption in the world is extremely high. That definitely needs to change. Eat non-starch based vegetables, meats to the extent possible (protein) whole milk, eggs, cheese and animal fats. And when cooking, use the lowest possible temperature (212 °F or 100 °C).

And Getoff asks: Eating well is expensive but not more expensive than losing health and wellness and having to get them back?

corazon vegetalAbout milk

-Natural milk is from the cow, goat or buffalo. That milk is the healthiest. Getoff emphasizes that the animal must be fed with grass and live plants and not corn or soybeans. No chemicals, antibiotics or hormones should be used. Best is the milk directly from the cow, goat or buffalo without going through homogenization and pasteurization, as long as it was fed correctly.

-What about vegetarian milk: soy, almond, rice, is it part of your nutrition plan?

-I disagree with vegetarian milk. Natural milk comes from animals. Particularly with soy milk I disagree. Milk is a complete animal food that is used from the breast to feed all animal babies.  Almonds, rice and soybeans do not feed their babies and so this should not be allowed to be called milk. Good quality (no sweetener added) coconut or almond “milk” is okay to drink, but it should not be allowed to be called milk.

«Soy milk has grown in popularity in recent years. Ironically, this drink is marketed as healthy but is a highly processed product that is far from natural. It can also unbalance many hormones and harm children.”

leche-In terms of the types of milk sold and consumed today: skim, lactose-free. What do you think?

-Best is the milk that comes directly from the cow. It is whole milk. Do not use no fat  or low fat or lactose-free, homogenized or pasteurized. Natural is whole milk and preferably fresh from the cow. Unfortunately very few have the privilege to consume it. The other types of milk are an invention.

-Unfortunately for the people who live in Latin American cities is very difficult to eat well. I don’t know the situation in Europe. For example in Caracas there is no such product as unpasteurized raw milk. What about in the United States?

-I know that is difficult to find this kind of milk in the entire world, but here in San Diego, California, there are few supermarkets that sell it and it is completely legal in all of California so we can buy it in many health food stores.

About yogurt

Regarding yogurt, Getoff recommended the natural 100%: no sugar, no honey, no molasses, no syrup, no sucralose, no aspartame, no nutrasweet. Must have been made ​​with whole milk and is recommended to be consumed alone or sweeten with stevia or yacon or a bit of raw fresh fruit. “Nature is wise. We humans are the ones who are wrong. And truly natural is whole grass fed raw milk.”

Good nutrition positively affects chronic disease

Getoff ensures that most of their diabetic patients have improved their condition through good nutrition «In the case of insulin-dependent diabetics, have lowered the amount of insulin they take. In other cases where there was no need for insulin, sugar levels in the blood have decreased significantly and many time they are no longer diabetic. In my patients with cancer many decide to stop their chemotherapy early and use their diet to help fight the cancer.»

He then explains that he did not cure diabetes or cancer but the patient’s body did the curing with his help and the better diet and nutritional supplements. «I’ve had patients with different diagnoses with early and late stages, at the beginning and the middle of the disease. It’s amazing how almost everyone improves”.

Living doing what you love, no stress

Certainly stress is illness XX and XXI of century. And according to Getoff when you stress your body it requires increased consumption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Stress and emotional states significantly influence the levels of blood sugar and makes healthy food consumption even more important.

For it, Getoff tells the interesting case of twins. Both live in the same house, study the same, subject to the same stress. «One eats like most people, the other follows my nutrition plan. After 6 weeks, the first noted a high level of energy, a good physical appearance and outstanding health. With the other opposite happened. Stress is the result of poor nutrition and not vice versa. The stress generates malnutrition by causing a higher need for nutrients that were already deficient.»

enfermedad-egoHe adds that «Medication for depression is rarely needed with good nutrition and so patients can do not need to become dependent on anti-anxiolytic drugs. Furthermore it was found that adequate protein and omega 3 fats greatly benefit the emotional state and energy and the depression and anxiety slowly go away in 2-6 months. Usually after only 6 weeks of eating well, the results can be amazing. It seems incredible people prefer eating poorly and taking pills instead of changing their eating habits.»

David Getoff

The body becomes stronger

Knowing first hand the improvement and/or cure of patients with chronic diseases represents hope for improving the quality of life for many who every day face the treatment of a chronic disease. It’s just habit change, eat healthy and do it properly and according to our metabolism.

For further information, please access the website: and search: Plan for 60 days.

Note from Deborah: Maybe you noticed my native language is not english. Please excuse me if I made a mistake in writing this article. I hope you finally understand the tips for a healthy lifestyle. Thank you very much for reading!!

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